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Do you use multiple web browsers? Juggling multiple web browsers is not so uncommon to overcome incompatibity and inefficiency of web sites or browsers that are not well optimized to web standards. But it's not that power users who know how to install and use multiple browsers actually love the hassle at the cost of their precious time.
Lunascape is here for you! For the first time ever, there is a web browser that has integrated the three main browser rendering engines with the ability to switch to the optimal engine automatically.
It's in Lunascape's DNA to open up new possibilities in the world of web browser. Lunascape was the first web browser with a search bar. The fully customizable skin system is another feature introduced by Lunascape in a web browser for the first time. Triple-engine is the latest addition with more innovations to come. State-of-the-art technical skill in Lunascape leads the world to future web experiences.
Lunascape5 Genesis is the World’s First Triple Engine Browser, the World’s Faster Browser, and is easily customized to your liking. Some of the newest and most interesting features include:
- Change Rendering Engines
- Crash Protection Functionality
- Mouse Gestures
- Tab Browsing
- RSS News and Blog Info
- Fully Customizable with Skins
- Abundant Plug-ins
- Podcast
- Form Auto-Saver
- Security Management
- Popup News
- Smart Favorites...
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