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Title  MobiWatcher for web Cam Size  1.4 MB Win  XP/2003/Vista/7/8
MobiWatcher for web Cam is a windows program to stream live video to cell phone or browser with motion detection, ftp and SMS alerts. Using mobiWatcher free service, this program enabled users monitor home, store or office from cell phone directly anywhere and anytime.
Monitor and control your home from cell phone. Free service.
Main features:
1. Basically free service
2. Monitor home,store or office from cell phone or browser anytime and anywhere
3. Stream live video to cell phone or browser on demand
4. Open platform, support many kind of video capture device such as IP camera or PC based web camera
5. Short message for alert notification in case door/window sensor triggered or motion detected
6. Turn on/off alarm, motion detection on browser or cell phone
7. Alerts delegation. When you are not available, you can add any number of friends as the alerts delegatee, who will get alerts and can view your camera temporarily. In case of urgency.
8. Function as network DVR. Snapshots or recorded video stored in our server.
9. History records viewable in browser and cell phone
10. Real time traffic cam in cell phone or browser
How does it work?
When sensor (door/motion/windows/smoke/fire) triggered or motion detected, an alert notification will be sent to your cell phone as SMS. If you do not have cell phone, alert will be sent to your email.
You can view snapshots or live video directly from cell phone.
You can check recorded snapshot on cell phone.
You can turn on/off alarm motion detection in cell phone.
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