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Title  ACD/ChemSketch Size  29 MB Win  NT/2000/XP
ACD/ChemSketch is an advanced chemical structure drawing tool developed by Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. Toronto, Canada. This software is available as freeware and commercial version. The freeware version is devoid of features like ACD/dictionary, search for structure in different computer files, ACD/name to structure, ACD/labs extension for chemdraw, ACD/chemcoder 2D barcode capability, ACD/chembasic and the goodies package, reaction calculator. Apart from structure drawing freeware version also includes tools for tautomer prediction, 2D structure cleaning, 3D optimization and viewing, generate name for structure, drawing graphical tools etc. It has several modules, add-ins for determination of physicochemical properties, import of spectra and chromatograms, CHNMR Viewer, CNMR Viewer etc. This software works in two modes-Structure and Draw. In Structure mode we can make structures and in Draw mode we can draw many graphics and laboratory glasswares.
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