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BKChem is a free (as in free software :o) chemical drawing program. It was conceived and written by Beda Kosata. BKChem is written in Python, an interpreted and very nice programming language. This implies some of the program features:
- platform independence - BKChem should run on any platform that Python does.
- performance - as Python is interpreted language you should not expect the performance of a native code compiled application (in present days a very cheap tradeoff for platform independence). However BKChem should be pretty usable on all modern systems.
- bond-by-bond drawing
- bond lenght and angle restrictions to assist with the drawing
- ready to use templates of common rings
- ability to expand common groups from abbreviated to structural form
- Support for linear formulas (such as -CH2CH(COOCH3)2)
- radicals, charges...
- arrows (several types - normal, retro, equilibrium, etc.)
- rich text
- color support
- simple vector graphics (rectangles, circles, polygons etc.)
- unlimited undo and redo capabilities
- aligning
- scaling
- rotation (2D, 3D)
- aligning of molecules so that particular bond is horizontal/vertical
- rotation of molecular fragments around bonds (conformation changes)
- definition of personal preferred drawing style (bond lenghts, widths, colors...)
- full export to SVG (native data are transparently embedded into SVG file)
- full export to OpenOffice Draw format
- full export to ODF (OpenOffice 2.0) format
- full export to Encapsulated PostScript
- full export to PDF
- full export to PNG (if pycairo is installed, available in Windows binary build)
- basic support for both CML1 and CML2
- Molfiles
- generation of SMILES
- basic support for both CML1 and CML2
- Molfiles
- SMILES (subset)
- INChI (subset)
Other features
- localization support (currently English, French, Czech, Polish, German and Traditional Chinese translations are available)
- native format is XML based
- validity checking of drawn structures
- support for user written plugins
- support for user written batch scripts
- searching for BKChem files containing specified molecules or molecule fragment.
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