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Title  ShellEnhancer Size  2.5 MB Win  XP or later
ShellEnhancer is an application designed to enhance the default shell of Windows and to make your life easier. ShellEnhancer includes two types of taskswitcher (Enhanced TaskSwitcher and Mosaic TaskSwitcher) which you can use to replace the default Windows Alt+Tab taskswitcher. The Enhanced TaskSwitcher supports live previews. ShellEnhancer allows you to make your own tasks. Tasks consist of a number of commands which get executed one after the other. Available commands include: insert text, send keystroke, manipulate windows, run program, start screensaver, lock workstation and many other. Tasks can be executed with hotkeys, mouse gestures or screen corners. An On Screen Display (OSD) can be shown when a task is run. With X-Window style moving and resizing you don't have to move your mouse to a corner of a window to move or resize it. Other features include: rolling up windows, making any window transparent, always on top, keep focus, ... This can also be automated with the Auto Managed Windows feature.
ShellEnhancer has the following features:
- The Enhanced TaskSwitcher can be used as a replacement for the standard Alt+Tab taskswitcher. It has a nicer layout, supports keyboard and mouse navigation and can display a preview of the window. ShellEnhancer 3.0 or later supports Live Previews.
- The Mosaic TaskSwitcher is another TaskSwitcher which you can use as an Alt+Tab replacement.
- Mini-taskswitcher is a new command that can be assigned to a task and thus for example to a mouse gesture.
- Auto Manage windows: Example: Each time a Notepad is started, activate Always On Top and set transparency to 30%.
- Create complex tasks which make your life easier. Tasks can be made to do a sequence of events you would normally have to do manually. But you can also use it to make simple tasks like starting screensaver, start notepad,...
- Use Mouse Gestures in any program to execute tasks.
- Use Screen Corners to execute tasks.
- Use the Shell Enhanced Applications feature to change the look of treeviews and listviews in a specific program.
- Show anti-aliased On Screen Display (OSD) when running a task.
- Put any window always on top.
- Change the transparency of any window. You can assign a different transparency when a window is active and when a window is not active. ShellEnhancer can also fade-out a window when it has been deactivated.
- Make a window transparent when hovering over the minimize-, maximize- or close-button of that window.
- Make all menus in Windows transparent.
- Make the Windows Taskbar transparent.
- X-Window style moving/resizing of windows.
- Set any window in "Keep Focus" mode to prevent other windows from being activated.
- Minimize any window to the system tray (the icons next to the clock of Windows).
- Reorder the buttons on the Windows taskbar.
- Make certain windows unmoveable.
- Rollup windows.
- Hide desktop icons.
- Full Windows XP native Unicode support.
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