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Title  DeskAngel Size  124 kB Win  2000/XP/Vista
DeskAngel is an enhancement tool for Windows desktop. It is simple, portable and totally free. It contains following features:
- Edge snap is like 'Aero snap' of 'windows 7', which makes windows snapped at the edges of screen.
- Directly scroll the document under cursor, whenever it is actived or not, while scrolling the wheel of the mouse.
- Maximize and restore window under cursor after click the wheel button of the mouse
- Auto scrolling the document once keeping the wheel button pressed and scrolled one step.
- Toggle a window topmost after right click its titlebar.
- Transform left + right click to alt + right click, to enable the translator feature for Lingoes or Babylon without touching keyboard, etc.
- Transparent a window with ctrl+alt+wheel scroll.
- Capture a screen range to clipboard or into a file and save the file path to clipboard.

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