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Title  RYO Size  1736 kB Win  Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista
RYO 0.75 (last freeware version) is a program to store notes, data, documents, pictures, tables, in fact any kind of information that may be of use.
It can be used as a user formattable DataBase where each record may have a different Format.
- Virtually unlimited no of Documents
- Virtually unlimited no of Pages
- Each Page may have a different format
- Documents can be protected by password
- Optional Database Encryption
- Built in Database Repair, Backup and Compact
- Automatic Save
- Variable Document Fonts
- Full Text Formatting
- 8 different Components
- Components can be moved and or changed at any time
- Search within each Page or Document or All Documents
- Local and Gloabal Hyperlinks within Documents
- Pages can be Sorted or Unsorted within each document
- Multi Page creation
- Handles BMP, JPEG and GIF images
- Runs external programs
- Fully formatted Tables
- Components on Tabs
- Navigation Buttons
- Scrolling Notes.
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