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TS-AudioToMIDI 1.07 (last freeware version) allows the conversion of a standard audio signal to MIDI signal with an insignificant delay. The resulting MIDI signal can be given to a standard MIDI device, PC speaker, built-in sequencer. The audio signal spectrum is displayed in a special window in real time.
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AmazingMIDI automatically transcribes music, converting WAV files into MIDI files. It can recognize single-instrument polyphonic music. It's a powerful tool to help you to transcribe music, to practice musical instruments and to make MIDI files, and so on. AmazingMIDI creates an Output File (.mid) from an Input File (.wav) that contains musical data, and a Tone File (.wav) that consists of monotone data. AmazingMIDI analyzes the Input File, assuming that every sound in the file is played with the same tone color as the one in the Tone File. As a result, even if the music contains several different instruments, AmazingMIDI writes down all detected notes as a single-instrument music. The quality of music recognition depends on the tone color of the music. AmazingMIDI is suitable for analyzing the precise-frequency attenuating sounds like piano or guitar. The drum sound becomes only noise. Currently, automatic music transcription has no substantial solution in general, but with some restrictions of the domain, it can be both possible and useful. AmazingMIDI is one of these systems, and is still in its infancy. However, again, it's a powerful chord analyzer.

Arpeg is just as the name implies... A MIDI-based Arpeggiator! It can work with any synth or sampler you have, just load it up, set up the channel, and make the pattern it will mute/unmute to! You can even save out your arpeggiator patterns, and trade them with your friends!

MIDI Mouse Mod
MIDI Mouse Mod is another in my series of alternative input devices for MIDI information... This one allows you to move the mouse on a grid and modify up to 4 continuous MIDI controllers in realtime! If you've ever used a Korg Wavestation, and it's little joystick, this is like that, on steroids (but not anabolic steroids, those are illegal!). You can control the direction of the controller information (0-127 or 127-0), the screen space used (entire grid or just half), and if the controller switches to another halfway through. Very very very cool for synthesizers that allow realtime control of envelope, etc (like the Novation BassStation), or even for your run of the mill board (they pretty much ALL support volume and pan). This also has the Virtual Piano functionality built into it as well.

Virtual Piano
Have you ever wished that there was some way to easily play notes on your Synthesizer, without leaving the computer? I'm sure everyone has spend many sleepless nights because of this problem, so now I introduce to you - Virtual Piano! VPiano allows you to play your synth by making the computer keyboard into a 4-octave piano keyboard. Sure, you're probably not going to be able to play classical music this way, but you can experiment and have fun using a very different interface than normal, which can sometimes help to stimulate the creative process. You must have a MIDI output device, as well as a sound source to use this program (anything from a Soundblaster to a Midi TimePiece will do); then just run the program, configure the MIDI devices, and start jamming!

Massiva X0.59 (last freeware version) is a 32-track MIDI sequencer. Massiva provides support for standard MIDI, Sound Blaster AWE and Live sound cards. With Massiva you can: edit music in real-time; step record with a MIDI or PC keyboard; auto-compose simple drum, bass, or chord patterns; and edit velocity and control changes.
Massiva includes a song and part editor.
Song Edit lets you record music, move tracks, and copy or append parts of your music. You can combine individual parts into one part, split or resize parts, transpose the alter velocity or quantize, insert or cut an area of your song, mute individual parts or tracks, and compose notes or controllers in seconds. You can also define areas of your song that you can jump to.
Part Edit lets you: insert, delete, move or copy events; change pitch and length; alter velocity and controller values; compose synchronized song pattern events with the controller; and set the controller range.

MidiNotate Player
Watch the notes and lyrics as you listen to your favorite music.
MidiNotate Player helps you find MIDI files on the Internet and converts them to printable music notation with amazing accuracy, exceeding that of even very expensive music software. For example, MidiNotate automatically detects and displays grace notes, trills and tremolos that are used in a wide variety of music styles. It correctly notates paired eighth note swing rhythms used in jazz.
Sing along or practice your instrument while following the notes on the screen. MidiNotate Player automatically turns the pages for you.
Enhance your enjoyment and understanding of music by studying the score as it plays. See the notes that each instrument is playing, just as the conductor does. Learn more about how music is composed and arranged by studying the melodies and harmonies.
Also, use MidiNotate Player to view, print, and play NoteSoft (.not) files created by MidiNotate Composer and Musician. All of the original author's notations are preserved, such as accent marks, dynamic marks, and slurs. If the author prepared individual parts for instruments or voices, then view and print just the part you need. You can change the printed page size, and MidiNotate Player will automatically reformat the pages.
If you read music, be sure to check out MidiNotate Player. Since you will probably become addicted to it, you'íll be pleased that it has no time limits.

Manage Karaoke MID files, KAR and MP3 files for live execution. The player reads the whole file: mid and kar also wordbox and solton. It allows you to create or to modify basic Karaoke with an evolved system of synchronization that allows you to syncronize the text with the base in rapid times. Also Search for songs on the Internet, features a Personal PlayList, and a Database with instant search of the passage.

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