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Icon Phile

Version: 2.1a
By: Tal Sella & Dor Naveh
Release: Febuary 9, 2002
Download file size: 327 kB

Icon Phile is a small program for customizing windows's system icons. Using IconPhile you can change the standard Desktop icons (MY Computer, Recycle Bin, Network Neighborhood, etc..), drive icons (Hard drive, Floppy drives, external drives), folder icons (Open and Closed Folders, Printers, DialUp, Tasks.. or any individual folder) and more.

Icon Phile's main feature is document icon customization. Using iconphile you can change the icon for any File Type on your computer. Icon Phile provides a faster and simpler interface for changing these icons. Moreover, Icon Phile lets you change File Type icons by extension. The file list is totally user configurable, making the process of finding the file you want to change faster and much more powerful.

IconPhile's interface fully supports drag and drop, meaning you can drag icon files straight from you computer onto the icon you want to change in IconPhile. Icon Customization has never been faster.

Here's a short list of features:
  • supports cursors, file types, desktop, folder and drive icons
  • quick drag and drop interface for changing icons
  • change a number of icons at once (use multiselect)
  • register new extensions
  • undo changes
  • change icons for files with different extensions that are all of the same "File Type"
  • see only the file types you want to see
  • save icon schemes, that include file icons
  • auto-create themes based on icon names

Change file-type icons in seconds using drag n'drop from windows or double click. Change icons for several file types simultaneously. Undo changes that you regret. (Mixed Icon View)

..also customize your desktop, start menu, drive and folder icons at the same time. (Compare View)

supports user-configured schemes that can change all your icons (file types, desktop icons, folders) in a single bound. View all changes before applying them.

Use the FileBar to browse your computer's icons and drag them directly into Iphile..

Tweak all of windows' hidden icon related features.

Use the groups editor so that you see only the file types you want to see, not an enormous list like in the windows "File Types" dialog.

Download Icon Phile (327 kB)

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