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SysRun is a powerful program that allows you to run a program as SYSTEM. If you do not know what it means to run a program as SYSTEM then this program is not for you! Running a program as SYSTEM can be very dangerous, it completely bypasses security. The SYSTEM account is authorized to do anything. But for the über-dork who knows what he/she is doing, running certain processes as SYSTEM can be very useful. Note: if you run a SYSTEM process while logged into a machine using Terminal Services you will not see the UI as SYSTEM processes appear in a different desktop than the TS window.

Make sure you are logged in as a user with administrative rights on the machine. Next start SysRun and enter the command line of the program to run as SYSTEM and click Run. Optionally there is a browse button allowing you to browse for the program. You can also specify the program to run as SYSTEM from the command line for scripting purposes.

Screen shot


SysRun is a 32-bit Windows application requiring a Microsoft Windows Operating System.


Zip version of SysRun (13 kB)

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